Class Sub-Class Type of record Performance Date Claimant Status Regionsort descending ID
Space records K_Absolute Absolute distance Precision landing: 6,21 km 21 Jul 1966 John Watts Young (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 10285
Space records K_Absolute Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight 367 964 kg 25 Mar 2008 STS-123 and ISS 16 1J/A (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 15004
Space records P-1 Length travelled along the trajectory from lift-off to touch down 46,27 km 29 Sep 2004 Michael W. Melvill (USA) ratified - current record World 9861
Space records K_Absolute Extravehicular duration in space 6 h 9 min 59 sec 26 Jan 1991 Victor M. Afanasjev (URS) ratified - superseded since approved World 9814



The FAI Astronautic Records Commission (ICARE) appraises and administers manned spaceflight record activities.

History of Manned Spaceflight

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