Class Sub-Class Type of record Performance Date Claimant Status Regionsort ascending ID
Space records K-2 Duration 139 d 14 h 47 min 32 sec 02 Nov 1978 Vladimir Kovalyonok (URS) ratified - superseded since approved World 9447
Space records K-2 Distance travelled while linked 18 059 391 km 22 Jun 1973 Charles Conrad (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 9580
Space records K-3 Duration of stay in orbit around a celestial body 59 h 27 min 50 sec 21 Jul 1969 Michael Collins (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 2323
Space records K-2 Altitude in elliptical orbit 231,1 km 19 Jun 1963 Valentina Vladimirovna Terechkova (URS) ratified - current record World 9332



The FAI Astronautic Records Commission (ICARE) appraises and administers manned spaceflight record activities.

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