17 Mar 2023

CIVL Plenary 2023 Minutes are published

The Minutes, agenda, and annexes of the FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Plenary Meeting 2023 are published on the FAI website:

2023 Plenary Decisions A to (almost) Z

  • Accuracy: introduction of knock-out stages in Cat 1, clarification on target area preparation, AMD, glider certification, towing experience, re-launches, etc.
  • Aerobatic rules were adjusted. Events can take part over the ground, not only over water.
  • Airspace violations. A linear penalty from 0 to 100% of points between 0 to 100 metres inside the competition-defined airspace as per the file provided by the organiser.
  • Altitude and airspace infringements. GNSS is the primary source for tracklogs. Barometric can be used in case of disputes.
  • Class 2 rules on electric assistance and final leg speed are added.
  • Clean-up of Section 7 and Cat 1 bids document. Yes, we have to do it again and again!
  • Cloud flying. Pilots have to prove that they were not inside the cloud.
  • Eligibility criteria for PG XC Cat 1. WPRS Top 500 becomes Top 700.
  • Environment. Thomas Senac will lead a working group.
  • Exemptions for pilots not qualified in Cat 1 are not limited to just one event.
  • GAP. The leading time ratio, leading time, and time weighting are modified. Line as task sector is accepted.
  • Hang Gliding and Paragliding Diploma is awarded to Martin Scheel.
  • Hike and Fly. A working group is implemented to explore the best approaches for rules, scoring, ranking…
  • Information in Cat 1 events can use messaging platforms such as Telegram for official notices.
  • Internal Regulations are updated to be in line with the reality of how we work.
  • Objections in PG Accuracy. Before going to Complaint and Protest, pilots may object verbally to the Chief Judge.
  • Pepe Lopez Medal is awarded to Róbert Exner.
  • Ranking. Results will be accepted as received. The NACs are reminded that they are responsible to check if their pilots have FAI Sporting Licences or not. They have 90 days to contest the results sent.
  • Records. It’s “go” for Junior, “go” for declarations to a CIVL email address, “go” for multiple declarations, and “no-go” for the new FAI triangle.
  • Sanction fees are increased for 2024-and-on events: Cat 1 multiplier from 4.5 to 6.75; Cat 2 multiplier from 1.5 to 2.
  • Sanction fees for Cat 2 events that can’t take part can be reimbursed or kept for future events without any charge.
  • Sub-classes for PG XC events are officialised as Open, Serial, Sport, and Standard (iso Fun).
  • Team leaders briefing. It was underlined that they are not an obligation.
  • Test events for Cat 1 can be bypassed on Bureau decision.
  • Working groups will be implemented to deal with proposals that were rejected but deemed as worthy issues: access to Cat 2, eurocentricity of the WPRS, different sanctions fees for different disciplines, how to lower the cost of FAI Officials, handicap or lightweight class in PG XC, the definition of PG and PG harnesses…


  Link to the CIVL documents on the web https://www.fai.org/civl-documents

Minutes can be found in the folder: Meetings CIVL / 2023 / Plenary 2023 / Minutes