09 Mar 2023

Cristiano Pereira is the new CIVL Paragliding Committee Chair

CIVL Plenary 2023 unanimously approved Cristiano Pereira (POR) as the Chair of the Paragliding Cross Country Committee.

Paragliding since mid-90s Cristiano participated in many World Cups and Cat 1 events. At some point in his flying career, unsatisfied with existing options, being an IT engineer and software developer, he decided to develop his own instrument. This eventually led to the founding of Flymaster Avionics in 2007 - nowadays a well-known flight instrument manufacturer, which live tracking is widely used in free flight sports. His contributions have helped to make the sport safer and more accessible to enthusiasts around the world. During recent years Cristiano has been engaged a lot as a scorer and volunteer IT consultant for CIVL.

Being asked about his plans after the election Cristiano says: "I plan to work on promoting alternative types of tactical competition flying and making the sport even safer for all participants. In particular, hope to focus on addressing the challenges faced by lightweight pilots, with the goal of making the sport more inclusive and equitable for all."