07 Oct 2021

Introducing the Rookie Project: aviation fun for kids!

The FAI CIAM is thrilled to launch the Rookie Project, the aim of which is to encourage children to become fascinated with flight in a fun and interactive way.

The premise is simple: build a Rookie model aircraft and learn how to fly it. A dedicated website has been set up for schools, clubs and individuals to discover exactly how to make, use and fly the Rookie planes.

There are currently also over 20 ‘Rookie experts’ in different countries who will assist anyone who needs help or encouragement to start a Rookie project. The plan is to add more experts as the project progresses.

Included are suggestions on hosting a Rookie workshop and detailed instructions on the construction and operation of the aircraft.

There is also an online (or postal) competition in which children can send in their best flight time. With an adult supervising and timing the flight, any child under 14 able to launch the aircraft themselves can enter. At the end of each year, the top three pilots will receive prizes and the top ten pilots will receive certificates.

Rookie Project

Per Findahl, CIAM Education Sub Committee Chairman commented:

"I'm very happy to present our Rookie project which gives a platform for schools, clubs etc. to start building and flying model planes.

Although the project is led by the CIAM Education sub-committee, we hope the whole FAI family will join in, so make sure your airsport commission flies and registers times in the Rookie project!”

Join the Rookie Project and together we will reach our goal in encouraging more young active pilots all over the world. Who knows what a very young pilot will fly in the future…?


The FAI CIAM Rookie project is sponsored by: aviationtoys.nl

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