Class Sub-Class Type of record Performance Date Claimant Status Regionsort descending ID
Space records K_Absolute Distance travelled while linked 55 127 747 km 08 Feb 1974 Gerald P. Carr (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 9444
Space records K-3 Extravehicular duration on the surface of the celestial body by an astronaut 9 h 12 min 27 sec 09 Feb 1971 Alan B. Shepard, Jr (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 10304
Space records K-2 Altitude in elliptical orbit 1 369 km 15 Sep 1966 Charles Conrad (USA) ratified - current record World 9537
Space records K_Absolute Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight 388 777 kg 30 Nov 2008 STS-126 (USA) ratified - superseded since approved World 15213



The FAI Astronautic Records Commission (ICARE) appraises and administers manned spaceflight record activities.

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