24 Feb 2021

Local regulations of HG Worlds 2021 published

23rd FAI World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship will be held along with 9th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship on 18th – 30th July 2021 in Krushevo, North Macedonia. After the joint event was approved by the Hang Gliding Committee and CIVL Bureau, local regulations were finalised to fit new requirements.


  • The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 130. 
  • The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 1 is 105. 
  • The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 5 is 25. 
  • The numbers being ‘expected’ means that if there are too few pilots in one Class and too many in another, numbers will be readjusted in agreement with CIVL Bureau. 
  • The maximum number of pilots constituting a national team in Class 1 is 6. 
  • The maximum number of pilots constituting a national team in Class 5 is 3.

Eligibility to Compete 

According to Section 7A-2.  The ranking reference date for qualification criteria, nation priority table and allocation is March 2021 ranking published on 1/4/2021. 

Application to Compete 

Applications from NAC’s must be sent to the following email: hgworlds2021@gmail.com using form that will be published on the following web: https://www.hgworlds2021.mk, starting from 17/1/2021 and finishing on 30/04/2021. 

Pilots selected to participate by their NAC must register using the form on the following web: https://www. hgworlds2021.mk/team-registration/

NAC’s are invited to submit applications for pilots in high enough numbers, so they can be included in case of extra allocation rounds. 

Exceptions to pilot qualification requirements According to Section 7A-2. 

Allocation and Payments 

Allocation will be done according to Section 7A-2. Due to the pandemic, the deadlines may be adjusted. The first allocation will be made and results published on the official website on May 1st, 2021. The entry fee payment process will start on May 3rd, 2021. 

Dates about allocations and payments below this line changed for plus a month.

The file is published on FAI website and can be found by this link