FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

FAI CIVL Stewards

The Steward's main job is to facilitate the smooth running, safety and fairness of a 1st Category FAI Championship event. The Steward is the independent representative of CIVL, attending the competition for the purpose of observing the conduct of the competition and giving advice to the organisers, team leaders and pilots.

The Steward has no formal power or authority to make decisions. 

The Steward, being a source of technical information concerning the rules and scoring, can and should liaise with the meet officials and Jury for the purposes of rule interpretations and factors affecting the fairness and safety of the competition. The Steward also collects information and reports on the event to the CIVL Competition Committee.

The Steward’s work starts with the Practice Event.  This first report is particularly important to ensure that the organisers are prepared to run the following year’s 1st Category Championship to FAI Sporting Code Rules.  

Steward training opportunities are available.  Contact the CIVL Competitions Coordinator to register your interest and for further information.

Jury President and Steward reports are published after each Category 1 event.
They are made available to Delegates of CIVL on request.

Further information on the role of  Stewards can be found in the FAI/CIVL Steward Handbook. Competition organisers should be familiar with this document.

Download Steward HANDBOOK

After the event the Steward is to hand in the Stewards report:

  • Template Steward’s report (detailed)

  • Template Steward’s report (sum-up)